Tegner Activity

Tegner and Lyshom showed that activity grading is a valuable complement to functional scoring of the knee. Limitations in knee function can be masked by a low activity grade. In Tegner’s study on 76 patients, the mean score for patients at activity levels 5-10 was 83 +/- 10, and that for patients at activity level 0 was 53 +/- 16 (p < .001). Seventeen percent of patients in activity levels 0-3 had a score above 83.

Terms such as “return to sports” are often used in the evaluation of different treatments of knee ligament injuries. Because different sports and activities put different strains on the knee, such terms lack meaning. It is better to grade different activities on a Tegner and Lysholm activity scale. The preinjury, present, and desired activity levels are readily defined with such a scale.


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Level 10 Competitive sports- soccer, football, rugby (national elite)
Level 9 Competitive sports- soccer, football, rugby (lower divisions), ice hockey, wrestling, gymnastics, basketball
Level 8 Competitive sports- racquetball or bandy, squash or badminton, track and field athletics (jumping, etc.), down-hill skiing
Level 7 Competitive sports- tennis, running, motorcars speedway, handball
Recreational sports- soccer, football, rugby, bandy, ice hockey, basketball, squash, racquetball, running
Level 6 Recreational sports- tennis and badminton, handball, racquetball, down-hill skiing, jogging at least 5 times per week
Level 5 Work- heavy labor (construction, etc.)
Competitive sports- cycling, cross-country skiing,
Recreational sports- jogging on uneven ground at least twice weekly
Level 4 Work- moderately heavy labor (e.g. truck driving, etc.)
Level 3 Work- light labor (nursing, etc.)
Level 2 Work- light labor
Walking on uneven ground possible, but impossible to back pack or hike
Level 1 Work- sedentary (secretarial, etc.)
Level 0 Sick leave or disability pension because of knee problems